Shirt Back and Sides specialise in custom made to order fancy back shirts and bespoke waistcoats. We are, as far as we are aware, the only place where your fabric can be chosen from anywhere in the world. This makes most of our garments unique.

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Fabric Finding tips.

How to choose fabric & place my order with Shirt Back and Sides.


Shirt Back and Sides do not offer Pre made fancy back shirts or waistcoats as we have no idea what pattern you would like or what size and style of shirt or waistcoat you would like it on. What we offer is choice, a choice so vast it may be a little daunting. Luckily that’s what we are here for, to offer what others don't.


So let’s continue…


Think about what your pattern could be... This could be your interests, genre, business related or something you enjoy doing or even a place you have visited.


If you are searching on line it helps to narrow your search by putting into the search engine your idea e.g.; Farming, Star Wars, Horses etc. any idea you have really, followed by 'cotton fabric'. This will bring a lot of websites up, I prefer to ignore the websites and go straight to images which have matched your search. Look through the images and see if you can find one you like. If you see one go to the page it is on, if you are lucky the item will still be for sale, if not keep searching. A couple of notes to remember: a lot of images can be old fabrics on pinterest, fabrics are only for sale until they have sold out in all stores, this can take months or years depending how desirable a pattern is. So, if a fabric is for sale today it may not be for sale in a month.  

When you find the fabric you really like put your details into the relevant enquiry form. Also include a link to the fabric you would like. We will check the fabric you chose for suitability.

If it is suitable we can will proceed. We then send you a PayPal invoice for a deposit of £50.00. Upon receipt of your deposit I purchase the chosen fabric and 'Fancy' your chosen style and size of shirt.  


The total cost of an SB&S Bespoke fancy back shirt (including our own gift packaging) will start at £95.00 for a fancy back or £135.00 for a fully fancied hirt with fancy back & sleeves + postage if required.  

If we design a bespoke fabric and make it into a fancy back or fully fancied shirt prices start from £150.00 + postage if required.


No SB&S shirt of the same pattern will be made for anyone else within a

fifty mile radius of the delivery address of the original shirt.

We are happy to make multiple matching fancy back shirts for the same client.



Suggested sites to look on. Click on the links below.


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