Shirt Back and Sides specialise in custom made to order fancy back shirts and bespoke waistcoats. We are, as far as we are aware, the only place where your fabric can be chosen from anywhere in the world. This makes most of our garments unique.

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A black Bow tie is essential wear to formal black tie events, some people attending the less formal affairs will wear a coloured bow tie.

At some weddings a bow tie is becoming more fashionable. We offer bow ties made to match your chosen fancy garment.

Shirt Back and Sides make both ready tied and self tied bow ties. Each individual fabric has a different pattern size and spacing and we can make an eye-catching ready made bow tie from any pattern. Some patterns do not lend themselves to making self tie bow ties.


Origin and history of the bow tie.


The bow tie originated among Croatian mercenaries during the Prussian war of the 17th century: the Croat mercenaries used a scarf around the neck to hold together the opening of their shirt. This was soon adopted (under the name cravat, derived from the French for "Croat") by the upper classes in France, then a leader in fashion, and flourished in the 18th and 19th centuries. It is uncertain whether the cravat then evolved into the bow tie and four-in-hand necktie, or whether the cravat gave rise to the bow tie, which in turn led to the four-in-hand necktie.

The most traditional bow ties are usually of a fixed length and are made for a specific size neck. Sizes can vary between approximately 14 and 19 inches as with a comparable shirt collar. Fixed-length bow ties are preferred when worn with the most formal wing-collar shirts, so as not to expose the buckle or clasp of an adjustable bow tie. Adjustable bow ties are the standard when the tie is to be worn with a less formal lie-down collar shirt which obscures the neckband of the tie. "One-size-fits-all" adjustable bow ties are a later invention that help to moderate production costs .

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Matching Bow Ties.